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A problem that cannot read multi audio tracks in Creator and Converter. A problem that cannot distinguish "Fake title" by different color. A problem that black bar is added around the resulting Blu-ray when converting Added the support to choose the wanted audios only to get the better video quality in Blu-ray Copy Fulldisc mode. Added the support for the 2-pass encoding method if the video encoder is set to CUDA in the Ripper modules.

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DVDFab Version History - VideoHelp

A truncation problem in Summary when the volume label is too long. A freeze problem when Preview is vvdfab in certain cases. Added the support to remove Cinavia watermark found on the Dead Man Down length 1: A poor video quality problem when converting.

A filter failed problem when converting with. A problem that cannot create dvdfab. Nw can be changed in "Tast List" window now.

A problem that cannot uninstall DVDFab 9 when it is running.

The All-New DVDFab 11

A problem that the added subtitle is truncated in certain cases. Added support to make Full Disc copy for a new copy protection as found on "Tyler Perry's Temptation: A problem that some video sources cannot open in certain cases.

A problem that "Always display only forced subpicture" feature cannot work. January 9, DVDFab 5. A crash problem when opening DVD discs in certain cases.

DVDFab for Windows Is Officially Released

A problem that cannot play the ripped files on Kindle Fire. UOPs protection is not removed completely when using "Main Movie" mode.

A crash problem dvvfab copying DVD if option "Jump to first menu when disc inserted" in enabled in certain vesion. March 14, DVDFab Added a new utility to download and convert YouTube videos to MP3 tracks. A freeze problem when playing the converted result in PS3. To continue using the software after the 30 -day evaluation period, you should pay a registration fee.

A crash problem when converting or creating with mkv files in certain cases. A problem that the custom background feature of the menu templates in DVD Creator module does not work. Added the support to some new Java protections. Improved the stability when converting with CPU decoder and encoder.

A problem that two audio tracks appear in the output file even only one is selected in the Customize mode of the DVD Copy module. An error when detecting if video is inverse telecine. A problem that cannot play back the ripped files by QuickTime.

Some minor changes and improvements. A problem that profile list will disappear after changed the display language.

A problem that the result does not play back correctly after copying Blu-rays with no menu in the Customize mode. Improved user experience of DVD Split.

Added a new feature "Meta Collection" in Blu-ray Copy. A freeze problem when converting with Inter Quick Sync hardware acceleration in certain cases. A problem when ripping to mp4.

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