Hazel o connor breaking glass

On tour again, the agents start sowing seeds of discontent among the band, hinting heavily that Danny is the problem. We're so unreal Stuck at the top of the wheel You're the sucker who fell for their spiel You're the crawler who fell for their deal Your smug little cliches, they get up my nose Your hair dyed, your fine clothes, they're all for the pose Naked before me, your cover is blown Here come the robots, the mindless, the clones And you sold up our insides, body and soul Do as you're told now, and we'll play our roles And we'll play, we'll play all of our days away Chorus Chorus. Find no shelter from that kind of shower Who needs it? The band keeps struggling to get by, despite being hassled by the police, and in the meantime Kate realises she is falling in love with Danny. Hazel O'Connor Phil Daniels.

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Come into the air, cast your body like a care You belong nowhere and you can't bear it Come into the air, cast your body like a care Life just isn't there, if you can't share it So why not dare it?

Writing on the wall? He arranges auditions and reaches out to former friends, and in doing so Kate's new band, Breaking Glass, is formed.

Languages Magyar Nederlands Norsk nynorsk Edit links. Every human being should have his freedom But while his dungeon had a way to show him He should be more useful, as they broke into his skull Chorus Big brother, beware, 'cos some of us do care And the worm and the worm, and the worm, and the worm May turn may turn, may turn, may turn And the violence and the violence, and the violence, and the violence In my head in my head, in my head, in my head is real Bam-bam, you're dead!

At the top of the tower there's a creature who wants power Who needs it? Sweet Charity Soundtrack from the Motion Picture. If he gets in the dungeon, he could just press the button Who needs it? Who writes the song? Chorus Have you seen the writing on the wall? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Hazel O'Connor Official Discography - Breaking Glass

The film depicts the rise and fall of Kate Hazel O'Connor vonnor, an angry but creative young singer and songwriter. Hazel O'Connor Phil Daniels. Chorus Chorus Who, how Who, how Who lgass the song? While recovering, Kate is forced to audition for a famous music manager, Woods Jon Finchwho makes it clear that he wants to produce her music and also be involved with her. The best he can do is several nights in a pub frequented by neo-nazis, which, given Kate's anarchist and liberal tendencies that shine through in her songwriting, doesn't go well.

Films directed by Brian Gibson. I say sir, get your nose hazeo of the paper Take a good look at what's going on Get clued into the shape of The shape of things to come Chorus Chorus.

Danny blackmails his former employer by cohnor to reveal how he paid Danny to rig the charts into attending a gig in London. About Hazel O'Connor Although her career seems connr have been more as a media sensation than as a musician at times, British-born singer, songwriter, and actress Hazel O'Connor has stayed active and productive since her breakthrough role as Kate in the film Breaking Glass.

Throughout her career, O'Connor has used the tremendous pressure and scrutiny that accompanied her sudden fame as a central metaphor in her work, detailing the often-baffling complexities of modern life in a media-driven world.

Although her breakibg seems to have been more as a media sensation than as a musician at times, British-born singer, songwriter, and actress Hazel O'Connor has stayed active goass productive since her breakthrough role as Kate in the film Breaking Glass.

And then we touch much too much This moment has been waiting for a long long time Makes me shiver, it makes me quiver This moment I'm so unsure This moment I've waited for Is it something you've been waiting for, waiting for too?

It was co-produced by Dodi Fayed and written and directed by Brian Gibson. Chorus Who needs it, who needs it?

Breaking Glass

I need it like a hole in the head Don't need it, don't need it Here comes the era, the era of the living dead Who needs it, who needs it? This causes Kate to scream.

You guard your heart, so they steal your sight You reach out in blindness, touch the alone Its icicle fingers chill you to the bone What do you do when the cat gets ya tongue?

At the beginning of the film, she is discovered by Danny Phil Danielsa young man who desperately wants to become a promoter of music bands but is stuck working for another agent who forces him to buy hundreds of copies of the singles of one of his artists, Suzie Sapphire, to fix the music charts.

Nuclear rain, melting my brain Who needs it - not you, not me, who needs this insanity? Breaking Glass Soundtrack from the Motion Picture Firstly, the band are not amused by how the music agents demand changes to some of the 'offensive' lyrics to secure airplay such as changing 'kick him in the arse' to 'punch him in the nose'.

Let there be more light Electric scenes a maze of beams Neon brights to light our boring nights On the second day he said: But it's getting kind of late now I wonder if you'll stay now, stay now, stay now, stay now Or will you just politely say goodnight?

But the people in control don't care for you They're just a robot with a job to do And when your use is exhausted, they'll be rid of you As soon as look at you, go to the back of the queue!

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