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We appreciate your patience and thank you for choosing to use Firefox OS. I'm a little upset, because from I hope update will be very soon avaiable in Poland, because Poland community is very disappointed, almost no positive emotions, both because Alcatel slowness and current state of Firefox OS in 1. Why my system doesn't detect the update?

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I thought FOS will be something like Android and that thinking was the reason why I was so dissapointed.

I also changed the standard storage place, but nothing happend. As you can see USB is enabled for all storages. It just hitted me Question owner Hi Philipp, thank you for the help! This ment to be the mass storage device. And even if they take it for re-flash or diagnose - I don't have second phone, and I don't know how it is on other countries, but in Poland it take's about a month of waiting to get back phone again: Modified November 29, at 2: I already done this, for all storage I have on this phone.

And I'll need to agree with some people: Second - if T-Mobile take it for re-flash, they probably install 1.

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Do I have to call my service provider or manufacturer about that? I've buyed Alcatel Fire for well. Your phone company surely received the update, they should be right now installing their layer, that layer contains the info how the phone connects to their network, splash screen, etc.

Hi Philipp, thank you for the help! Why my system doesn't detect the update? Tyler Downer Top 10 Contributor Moderator solutions answers. Thanks a lot philipp, you are my hero! Read this answer in context 2.

No Update detected in Alcatel One Touch Fire | Firefox OS Support Forum | Mozilla Support

I used drives from alcatel designed for the Fire Phone, because there are none for the Fire E. Well it's not "issues for some users" - 9 of 10 Alcatel's Fire in Poland is almost bricked mine toucy I read somewhere that rebooting the phone solves it but that didn't work.

Is it just me, or FOS doesn't support Flash? We appreciate your patience and thank you for choosing to use Firefox OS. If they install 1. Anyone here that can help me out?

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Leviathan32 1 solutions 3 answers. Jusko 0 solutions 6 answers. Suppoft Alcatel hasn't been updated yet, keep an eye out for updates in the future. Modified November 8, at 5: Read this answer in context 7.

Modified November 8, at 7: I feel sorry for the third world experience for the third world. Andrew Moderator solutions answers.

Hey philipp, thanks again, that worked for me!

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