I still love you

If I were in her place, I'd probably wreak havoc upon the deserving people or cover my head with a paper bag when at school or ditch it altogether and live a life of exile. So, the new year started good for you. I'm just not very satisfied with the conclusion even though it's a really cute HEA since so many things have been left unresolved and I doubt there's still a third book. But I thought you loved Peter Kavinsky? View all 78 comments.

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Just spare me the details. Peter K is so dreamy! Other things this book managed: And I think it felt like more of a real relationship than many I've read in Crying because this book is so perfect.

TheOvertunes - I Still Love You Lyrics

She wrote that he still love him. It infuriated me with the relationship between Margot and Josh since it was the same drama from the prequel, just reversed. I hated it so much, I DNFd it. Many of the tropes I no longer enjoy and critiques I used to skip over due to lack of reading stikl unfortunately dragged down the story and I essentially felt as if I had gotten "too old" to e 3.

This should have been a standalone.

A close-knit family of sisters and dedicated, loving father is not always common in young adult stories that are often full of absent families. Everything could be resolved if they just talked to each other, but no no. Well, that is all I can gif out of me. Hardcoverpages.

P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

I thought I only got instantaneously filled with rage when books are offensive or bigoted or what have you, but it t there is no better time than soon after the release of the To All the Boys I've Loved Before movie to remember that movies can be be better than the books they adapt.

I'm just not very satisfied with the conclusion even though it's a really cute HEA since so many things have been left unresolved and I doubt there's still a third book.

Feb 17, Sophia Sardothien rated it it was ok. I really wanted to love this whole series, but If someday your feet can't touch the ground If someday your arms can't feel my touch Hou someday your eyes can't see my face I'll carry you Be there for you Anytime of day Forever is a long time But I keep my words that I say stil you Together we can lovve far As long as I'm with you Cause I will fall for you No matter what they say I still love you I still love you Related.

My initial reaction upon finishing this book was to roll my eyes. After seeing the video during school, Peter is furious and warns the anonymous poster not to mess with Lara Jean.

Things between them are so easy and so uncomplicated.

During the Assassins game, Lara Jean discovers that Peter and Geneveive have formed an alliance, causing her to become suspicious again. Peter K isn't perfect, but his charm just won me over. May 15, emma rated it it was ok Shelves: At school, Lara Jean discovers that someone has posted a video of her and Peter making out in the hot tub from the ski trip. It was all very maddening!!!!!!!! Will there be a third book?

Jun 03, Nikka rated it did not like it Shelves: And honestly, I didn't mind it one bit!

I Still Love You. In a way it reminds me of our quintessential home where I grew up.

I Still Love You Lyrics

I felt the resolution came a little too quickly hence the 4. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

September Part 2: The first book had one and you ignored it, right? I feel like this trilogy could easily be a duology.

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