Dark super sonic mugen

I decrease the frequency of posting videos because I'm busy and vacations are over. It's supposed to just sit there. But luckely Sonic was in their power and he can turn super form. If life gives you lemons Take a piss.

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Dark Super Sonic by MageFX

Instantly spin through the air, catching an airborn opponent off guard! I'm glad you liked the intro, Dark Sonic Transformation. Sonic tenta se transformar em Super Sonic para ganhar mais poder e derrotar Sonic. Exe Vs Tails roberto torres garin 3 years ago.

It's supposed to just sit there. Dark Super Sonic merely has a different color scheme for him and his projectiles and different sound effects!

No links for this time. Exe Benjamin Wadsworth Year ago.

But luckely Sonic was in their power and he can turn super form. Cartoon Fight Night 11 months ago. Wait, hang on, the assertspecial thing isn't working And if you're reading this, Cyanide, thanks daek making that first line of Sonic Battle characters and letting me work off of them! Super Sonic and Dark Super Sonic.

The more you charge, the further you go! Trust me, you'll like it! Super Sonic and Dark Super Sonic have absolutely no difference gameplay-wise, or ability-wise.

Follow me on twitter - twitter. And I don't just mean the original character, either! Wait a minute, the code you gave me only makes Sonic himself's shadow dissapear.

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Well the day is here and time for a gift Hey there, fellow Mugen-ators! But, yeah, I'll look into it! Looks neat, i'll try it right now then leave my comments v'-' b only thing is dark sonic's icon is the exact same as super sonic's on the char select screen, and whenever dark sonic or super sonic use their projectile thing, it doesn't go away until the enemy touches it, and it has sojic weird dark shading by it.

Mugen Ultimate Sonic vs Sonic. It doesn't actually "home in" on opponents, that'd be way too cheap! Actually, in wuper one scene he appears in Sonic X, he has his normal green eyes as well as no pupils at all!

Dark Super Sonic by MageFX - MUGEN

Fly after your opponent. Dark Sonic vs Sonic exe: And, yeah, Dark Super pwns Exe vs Shadow Benjamin Wadsworth 2 years ago.

Such links are created from your forum URL and will stay valid in case your forum should move to a different URL at a later time. AN Mugen Request And now, the download link!!!!

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