Gemvision matrix 6.0

Not only is the program awesome, the support is second to none. I'm a jewelry designer in a jewelry manufacturing, so I'm using Matrix because it's very compatible with 3D printing machines like Solidscape, Revo or 3D System.. This is no longer an issue about Rhino's proprietary platform, as Rhinogold and Rhinojewel provide free 30 day demo's with full consent of Rhino 3D.

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Anybody that can't understand the power of this tool or believe the gemvisiob above needs to get with the guys at Matrix in person for a demo. But don't write a negative review because you can't get a freebie.

Like all the other excellent products Gemvision sells, the support is beyond compare. To knock Matrix for not having a 'Demo' is a pretty poor argument in my opinion. With their software you can design complicated jewelry forms with precision and relative ease.

I won't comment on that mentality, but if you're serious mtarix jewelry design, this is the tool to have.

I also tried two other software packages that had demos. If you are serious about jewelry 3d designing, Matrix is the one!

Matrix is a powerful tool, katrix specifically to the jewelry trade for effective design and modeling. Gemvision is very responsive to all of our ideas, suggestions and concerns.

Using this software for me is like playing my favorite video gemvisioj. Se vuoi disegnare gioielli ad alti livelli ed in poco tempo, non puoi fare a meno di acquistarlo come ho fatto io.

Please forgive my enthusiasm especially all the other great 3d programs out there but my business is GV products and without their products that we use everyday I would not be able to take my concept in this direction,thanks guys, tell Jeff that the drinks are on me.

But lets be real those who dominate the world of custom jewelery gemvisio use Matrix. I'm a jewelry designer in a jewelry manufacturing, so I'm using Matrix because it's very compatible with 3D printing machines like Solidscape, Revo or 3D System. As others have posted; you are buying into the company. Ho valutato e provato in passato tutti i programmi per gioielli ma questo ha del incredibile.

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I can not repeat this often enough. If you are in the jewelry business certainly you attend trade shows and certainly you could explore this software at the major trade shows. It may be not appropriate for him for many different reasons, no matter how good this software can be. Models that used to take hours with Rhino are now completed in minutes thanks to the great 'Builders' in Matrix.

Matrix is not a toy like Age of Empires that needs to be tried out before you buy.

Gemvizion can write one, I am told it is a liscensing issue with McNeel. I'm working at Beverly Hill Jewelers Mfg. The program is truly gemvisoon work in progress as new capabilities are added frequently.

Then output your file and make your design a reality. For a program this complex they better don't make a demo, because when people try it, they'll say: Neither will I, unless I can try it myself. We are so pleased with the capabilities of this program, that we are re-organizing our entire design business around Matrix, complete with a showroom that highlights the capabilities of this fine program in action.

The StoneSetting software allows you to mqtrix the basic and most important fonctions to set the stones correctly.

Matrix just makes everything go faster and work better. It is extremely confusing, in my opinion, and in the opinion of others that I have talked to.

Never mind the lack of total control achieved only by using Rhino in a free environment. It is a shame that the person who keeps whinning in this review column did not have the brain to secure a gold mine with Matrix.

It is neatly flooded with builders that handle everything needed to make finished jewelry. Matrix 3D Jewelry Design Software Created for jewelers by jewelers, Matrix is the most innovative jewelry design software for jewelry professionals.

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