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The problem underlying this dysfunction is found in a rationing mechanism affecting both the available alternatives for investment and the amount of financial resources. We encourage visitors to the forum to report any objectionable message in site feedback. GRE audio Try this out: The new GRE tests your ability to use higher level vocabulary just like the previous one. Most affordable way to increase your GRE score.

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GRE Word List – Audio – Video Lectures

Maa k Kadmo Taley Posts: According to xudio passage, traditional financial-market analysis assumes equal access to the market for all participants; according to the author, however, minority communities do not have equal access to the market.

All links are working properly. Originally Posted by maryammalik.

Help Hello, those links dont work, i mean the first ones I refreshed the webpage and it doesnt work. This creates a distributive mechanism penalizing members of minority groups because of their socioeconomic differences from others.

This question asks you to identify a claim made in the passage about the conventional viewpoint of financial market analysts. Vocabulary lecture-1,words starting with letter A-Part 1 2. The best answer is choice D.

Related Posts Computer Basics: This question asks you to use information provided in the passage in order to draw an inference about wordliat communities. Here it is in the words of ets. I have a program that teaches words intoto. Choice A can be eliminated because the author is arguing against a conventional viewpoint, not in favor of one.

Here are a few video embedded below 1. The existing system expresses definite socially based investment preferences that result from the previous allocation of income and that influence the allocation of resources for the present and future.

We would be grateful if you can promote this site on your portal. Worflist B and C can be eliminated: The last week before your exam, solve only computer based questions. Both C and D contradict a claim made in the passage about conventional financial market analysis. While this statement in D could be true, there is not enough information provided in the passage to support such an inference.

Choice A is not correct because creditworthiness is mentioned in the first paragraph of the passage, but not in the context of assumptions made in conventional theory. It tells what part of speech is it, and then explains the meaning as well as uses in few sentences to ellucidate the concept.

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Originally Posted by Shaa-Baaz. It dependent on the department you choose for your Masters.

Originally Posted by maryammalik Links are not working anymore. The main point made by the passage is that A financial markets provide for an optimum allocation of resources among all competing participants by balancing supply and demand B the allocation of financial resources takes place among separate individual woedlist, each of whom has access to the market C the existence of certain factors adversely affecting members of minority groups shows audil financial markets do not function as conventional theory says they function D investments in minority communities can be made by the use of various alternative financial instruments, such as stocks and bonds E since transaction costs for stocks, bonds, and other other financial instruments are not equally apportioned among all minority-group members, the financial market is subject to auvio.

The function of capital markets is to facilitate an exchange of funds among all participants, and yet in practice we find that certain participants are not on a par with others.

Audio GRE Word List: Learn the GRE Word List quickly | Easy A through Audio

Members of society have varying wordlisr of market strength in terms of information they bring to a transaction, as well as of purchasing power and creditworthiness, as defined by lenders. The author points out his assumption within the context wordlisf criticizing the conventional theory about financial markets.

For the last month, you should have solved all the practice questions materials you have. Text Completion questions test this ability by omitting crucial words from short passages, requiring you to fill them in by selecting words or phrases.

Magoosh GRE Vocab (with FULL audio)

As one of the commenter's asked C is the best answer. If there is any problem during downloading, try some other time. A They provide a significant portion of the funds that become available for investment in the financial market.

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