Egiripothe entha baguntundi

I personally like her voice a lot. Kshnam lo swargam cherela adedo chesave ela nanu munchesave… o.. The lyrics are fun. This song I assume describes the virtues of a malayali girl and the visuals are apt for the theme.

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Emi Telisi is naughty. Padma, Poornima, Manju Lyrics: The piano chords carry forward the emotion properly while the underlying veena strains and female vocals Sridevi and Sahiti convey the serenity of the original song.

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A romantic duet sung by Andrea and Ajeesh, this one is the best of Andrea till date. The composer Sam Prasan blends an almost semi soft rock into carnatic music and the output is refreshing because you hardly get to listen veena and electric guitar played simultaneously. This song I assume describes the virtues egiripotthe a malayali girl and the visuals are apt for the theme.

Cheekati Cherani Kothaneee…Brathukulo Oo. Ye Cheekati Cherani is soulful with beautiful orchestration.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Download Vedam Telugu Mp3 Songs. The brief pause before the blast in the later part of the song has been tried many times before but it still feels awesome.

Especially, the female vocals are excellent on higher notes. Ne ninne chusthunna anni chesthunna evaraina emaina anukoni jaanedo i dont care its my style… its my life… Nee aate kattisthanu i know everything.

EDUCATION AND ENTERTAINMENT: Egiri Pothe Entha Baguntundi - Vedam telugu movie songs lyrics

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Finally, this song belongs egiripohhe Swetha… Listen for her absolutely scintillating vocals!! A spectacular story to inform everyone that Nothing is permanent in this world. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The interlude with the electric guitar in the later part is appreciable.

Prakash does a fantastic job in composing, the orchestration is minimal and provides the right platform for the vocals. Some reviews and opinions here and there. Gunde gubuluni gangaku vadili mundu venukalu mungita vadili oori sangathi ooriki vadili dari sangathi dariki vadili tappu oppulu thathalakodili siggu yeggulu cheekatikodili theralanu vadili poralanu vadili tholi tholi virahapu cheralanu vadili gadulanu vadili mudulanu vadili gadabidalanni gaaliki vadilesi Notify me of new comments via email.

Kotalu medalu kattalanna katiki naluguru moyaalanna guppedu methukulu puttalanna praanam teeyalanna Okate rupaayi rupaayi. This song seems wgiripothe in every aspect for me!!

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Malli Puttane is intense with deep vocals by Keeravani and the orchestration, especially the Shehnai part is beautiful.

Comment moderation maybe on so there is no need to resubmit your comments. Rupee Rupee Rupee rupai.

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It is almost like she is singing you a lullaby and Vineeth Sreenivasan complements her well. Aaro Nilavayi owes its egiri;othe to the gorgeous vocals by Swetha. Shaan Rahman comes up with an innovative orchestration.

The second charanam where he describes the girl searching for the boy is absolutely gorgeous. Twitter Facebook Google Like this:

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