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Entertainment Like Follow Follow. An interface is simple and easy to use. MicDroid is similar to the I am T-Pain program.

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This app will autotune your voice to the key of your choosing. In the world of a million auottune trillion files and a zillion screenshots images and memes which are intriguing parts of our Creativity is intelligence having fun; these days the fun is attained by the usage of the technology and mobile phones.

Jay-Z tried to say a year ago that Auto-Tune was D. Editors - July 16, 0. This auto tune music app autptune very simple and interesting. It's been used for megahit web seriesSaturday Night Live digital shorts, Facebook status updates and Chatroulette pranks. How to Download Paid Apps for Free?

9 Best Auto Tune Apps For Android To Become The Singer You Always Wanted To Be!

This voice changer application transforms your voice into other voice smoothly with the help of the various voice effects available. He has worked autotunw an editor at Engadget, Mashable and the Joystiq network, and currently leads content strategy as Editorial Director at Sprout Social. Have you ever used a paid application on your android device prior to this?

You can also adjust the vocal and the background beat volume. MicDroid for Android is a work in progress and it isn't as snazzy as the iPhone's I Am T-Pain app, but it'll get the job autotine with pre-recorded sound samples.

9 Best Auto Tune Apps To Jazz Up Your Singing Talent - Around Android

There are two different modes which you can opt for talk mode or rap mode. Many voices to choose from. Above mentioned were some of the prodigious auto-tune app android and for sure autorune have pulled your zeal to use this auto tune app and become a singer.

If you can talk, you can rap with AutoRap. You're just a few touchscreen taps away from potentially joining the ranks of today's YouTube viral video makers.

Neeraj Jivnani - May 25, 0.

Best Android apps for: You can also share your magical voice with your dear ones. On Stage - Sing!

Note that this is a TRIAL version of the full paid version and of course does not include saving of projects! It keeps the record of the recorded song hence, forwarding it to the social networks.

Voloco Auto Tune

You can just play with this app with the way you want, can add the environmental sound effects. The app features for audio FX library, it controls all mix and volume channel independently. The same thing is been performed by these auto-tune recording app.

Just choose the key and sing away! It lets you add tracks and sound effects.

Voloco Auto Tune for Android - Download

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Through our Around Android blog, we have tried our best to provide you with the best information on the auto-tune apps and hope the article must have fascinated you. It magically turns your words into song.

It lets you create high-quality rap songs; the application is basically based on auto tune technology.

Use Auto-Tune to sound like your favorite singers! The auto rap software possessed by the app has different styles. Without denying the fact that all of us do not possess the euphonious voice but still anndroid can stand aligned to the famous super singers, amazed!

Auto Tune Rap Voice Changer allows you to tune your voice to sound like a rapper.

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