Business card scanning

Just taking a photo of business cards isn't enough. Next time someone hands you a business card, give these apps a try. We tested over 14 popular apps, trying each with simple, complicated, and blurry business cards to see how they worked in real-life use. Like many other apps listed Sansan will scan cards individually or in bulk, saving the front and back of the cards. You can send the digital cards to anyone, whether they have the app or not, and the paper cards you scan are automatically updated when the contact details change.

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Save that card, and it'll be stored as a Business Card note in Evernote, with fields for the contact info along with a picture of the card and any notes you want. But they scannlng require some work. Evernote will usually automatically recognize documents and business cards, and will snap them with its document scanner mode. Compatibility Requires iOS It's probably enough, but does mean that social profiles and websites can't be picked up and need budiness be manually entered.

New scanned cards—and shared "e cards"—are saved to your CamCard address book by default, where you can group contacts, add notes, and set reminders to get back in touch. It was the fastest and most accurate at recognizing text in our testing—and xard helps you reach out to new connections and save your new contacts to your address book.

A few hundred cards to go and then I will never store another and will return from trips and shows caard free!! Evernote also offers a dedicated scanner app, Scannablewhich is even faster for scanning documents, receipts, and business cards. FullContact's app will then scannimg merge that new contact with your existing address book and those shared by your team, to give you more info about who else at your company knows that person and to keep you from having duplicate contacts in your address book.

With that out of the way, tap the camera icon to scan the traditional business cards you're still more likely to get.

Sansan will scaning quickly use OCR to recognize text—as accurately as the other apps we tested—and then also their human team will double-check the OCR to make sure it covered everything and is accurate.

Best business card scanner apps

BCR is now fully compatible with iOS 12, if you still have any doubts, surely update. Great concept and fun design especially with nice features such as being able to send an email automatically, with your info in the body and your cagd picture attached, to those whose business cards you have uploaded. It splits out first and last names, tags the location of where you scanned the card, and includes fields for every bit of text the app recognizes, including non-standard fields for social media profiles, quotes, or slogans.

Please share with us your feedback, comments, and questions here on the App Store.

The 6 Best Business Card Scanner Apps to Digitalize Contacts and Stay in Touch

That's what CamCard is trying with its business card scanner app. You can also manually add contact to your address book or have them automatically synced to Salesforce with its business plans. Or, if your team uses a CRM app to manage your contacts and customers, its mobile app may have business card scanning built-in. Or, you can get in touch with your new contact directly from the app. Instead, you have to open Wantedly People or its companion web app, if you sign up for the optional Wantedly account to look through your scanned contacts, and can tap to caard or email them—or to copy the info and add to your address book manually.

Its results are quite good—though not perfect, and with similar issues to those we came across with OCR-powered apps such as the slightly incorrect company name above.

Instead of using OCR to recognize text, FullContact sends the card to its team where two people will read your card and type in the info within 30 minutes. Don't use a smartphone? All in all, my hope is I will be collecting businesa of cards this way and making it easier to upload into Salesforce.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have a way to tell the app what type of document you're scanning, so if it doesn't think something's a business card, you can't switch the scanning mode as in Evernote. The cards remain a highly effective advertising and communication tool, but the stacks of cards we accumulate are inconvenient to organise and all too easy to lose.

The 6 Best Business Card Scanner Apps to Digitalize Contacts and Stay in Touch

This makes scanning business cards at large networking events pretty easy, although it can't guarantee perfect accuracy every time. You can send the businesss cards to anyone, whether they have the app or not, and the paper cards you scan are automatically updated when the contact details change. Character recognition was by no means perfect. And the traditional request, please rate our work in a fresh positive review on the App Store.

The reason it is not 5 stars is because ok the last few scannung I used which were all the same company but different individuals it got the spelling and certain info wrong on them so that I scaning to go in and manually rewrite parts. In fact, lots of the apps listed will scan multiple cards at once and automatically sync contact information on the card with your address book or contact manager, saving time and a lot of effort.

Those apps can work well at recognizing text—though again, you'll need to do the hard work of copying the recognized text and putting it to work. Major changes from the last release: Build workflows with your apps. You'll see the scanned contact info in seconds.

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