Fine china chris brown

When he's finished, does he step back and adore you? Get The Full List! Playlists Artists Albums Notifications Pending friend requests.

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Baby Just go with it Cause when you're with me, I can't explain it It's just different We can take it slow Bronw act like you're my girl Chirs skip the basics Wooh oh. Accessed from July 8, I know your heart been telling you You belong to me I kno-kno-know It's alright I'm not dangerous When you're mine I'll be generous You're irreplaceable Uncollectible Just like fine china. I just got to know Cause your time is money And I won't let him waste it Oh no no.

But the naysayers might say, 'No, that's not him. Hot New Hip Hop. British singer Jessie J covered the song, while performing an acoustic set for The Sunwith help from a few back-up vocalists and guitarists.

FINE CHINA - Chris Brown -

I know my female audience sees it. A "Cor Sine Labe Doli" metallic gold bow tie, a black leather jacket, suspenders, a driving cap, pale grey gloves fije white kicks make up the flashy yet urban-infused ensemble.

I take inspiration from all the greats. I personally carry the Jackson sound a lot because I used to be around them so much. Archived from the original dhris April 2, Chris Brown "Fine China " ". So they said, "Go in the booth and do some Michael-type stuff.

Fine China (Chris Brown song)

It's alright I'm not dangerous When you're mine I'll be generous You're irreplaceable Uncollectible Just like fine china. It was announced that "Fine China" would be included in the upcoming videogame Just Dance Brown briefly introduces one other MJ fjne look halfway through the video: Are you sure you want to delete this playlist?

In Australiathe song debuted and peaked at number Retrieved April 25, It is also one of the select few songs available on Just Dance ' s demo version. Sent by RayanSubtitled by Pablo e Darlison. Brown and his bros dance for his giggling lady love before an Asian gang shows up, first to a martial-arts-dance-battle, and then they're out for blood, with futuristic guns, more cars and the girl's father leading the charge.

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Good Guy Gone 'Bad ' ". The official music video for "Fine China", inspired by Michael Jackson's "You rock my world" short film, premiered on April 1, Took me a while to find your love Ain't no amount a time in this world Give me a lifetime and just love me Feel it baby, feel it in your skull Are you ready? Agnez Mo Say Goodbye Deuces ft.

Fine China

Retrieved October 28, I want to receive notifications about featured artists and news. The video opens with a beautiful girl at war with her father, who does not wish for her to date Brown.

Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Playlists Artists Albums Notifications Pending friend requests. It kinda gives you that nostalgic feeling of when Michael Jackson had ' Off the Wall ' and Stevie Wonder in their prime. Favorite You're my favorite It's like all the girls around me don't have faces And they say it goes Life is just a game but I'm not playing. Retrieved June 12,

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