Darth plagueis novel

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As Palpatine is officially made Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, he begins to commence his solo plans of taking over the galaxy with the upcoming Clone Wars, such as seeking Dooku as a placeholder Sith apprentice and ally in the war. Published 17 days ago. I thought the Grand Design of the Evil Sith was a plan ten centuries in the making, culminating in the creation of The Chosen One to bring down the arrogant Don't misunderstand. I freely admit to being a fair-weather fan of this sprawling subgenre.

Darth Plagueis is one of the best Star Wars books that I've read. I've been trying to get through most of the new canon stuff from Disney. Darth Plagueis is a novel that is part of the Star Wars expanded universe. It meets zero of the requirements to be in the new canon. Del Rey; Reprint edition October 30, Language: Because I honestly had a hard time reconciling the two disparate characters. As a result, the first version of the Plagueis novel was all over the place, way too long, and trying too hard to resolve every loose end.

Star Wars: Darth Plagueis Review - IGN

His most recent novel is Star Wars: In the end "Darth Plaguies" is a feast for all who love the story, which happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away The relationship between Plagueis and Sidious is also strangely dispassionate and lacking in the usual enmity one would expect from a pair of Sith Lords.

Think how Christians and Moslems settle their different concepts of the nature of God.

We flashback thirty years earlier to one of Plagueis's earlier exploits, his brewing obsession with immortality, and drth second life as an investor with one of the biggest banking operations in the galaxy. All of the boring political talks were tied together in one amazing speech plsgueis brought out how devious and manipulative he is. He confronts the representatives of the Subtext Mining Corporation, which was the company that supplied the faulty probe droid that was the indirect cause of Tenebrous's death.

What follows is how Palpatine and Plagueis fight with corrupt politicians and criminals who don't fit in with their plans. They discern that this is most likely due to Plagueis's experiment of creating life through the Force, which he had commenced about a pplagueis earlier.

Prepare to be shocked and to have your eyes opened. Not until the very end of the book does Luceno begin to focus on Palpatine's desire to overthrow his master. Conflicts arise and don't receive proper resolution within the story because the reader is expected to continue the thread elsewhere. Fearless, we welcome whatever paths the dark novrl sets us on, and whatever destiny it lays out for us.

Darth Plagueis

Ahh, Darth Plagueis the Wise 0. An alien Muun, who might resemble nnovel somber and elong A very enjoyable and entertaining Star Wars novel. Books What are your thoughts on the Darth Plagueis novel?

Plagueis takes Palpatine under his wing and begins to guide him down the path to the dark side. Following an opening flash-forward sequence, it jumps back to Plagueis' final hours as a Sith apprentice and his betrayal of his own master.

I wasn't a big fan of the Plageuis book especially the idea of him having a bunch of backup apprentices but I appreciate how the book attempted to tie up a bunch plaguueis loose ends. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

The last time he had done it for another epic book was the Thrawn series. This is the best book about the force I have ever read. I want to love the Expanded Universe, but most people don't treat it with the respect it deserves. And even after reading this book, plgueis, I still think the midichlorians are dumb.

The book is titled Darth Plagueis and whil I've been reading novfl lot of Star Wars books over the last couple of years. In the meantime, Plagueis tracks down the other Force-users that Venemis had met in order to determine whether or not they pose a threat to his plans.

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