Fm 2007 tactics

Are you stating that one size fits all? FreakyJim Full Member Joined: I do have fast defenders so I place the d-line at the higher limit for each of my own sets. If you're going to play in the lower leagues I suggest with pacey wingers and strikers and big strong defenders. Look at the Barceloana's tactic

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What are the best formations & tactics for Football Manager 2007?

Football transfers, managers predictions? Do you still have your Nintendo 64? I had a bit of a shaky start to my West Ham game so I started using this set of tadtics about half way through the season and I've been in free fall ever since. Mar 26, Messages: If you feel you are a better side, then the possession option will likely offer you more chances without giving 20007 too much ground.

The only way that I have found I can get my blobs to retreat when we lose the ball is to put barrows on my defenders. All Football Manager Forums.

I hope these tactics bring you success! Im having a bit of success and am getting used to applying when and where, im tending to use the counter for sides better than me which is not many and the control at home and when im against a weaker side. The three games I've won have actually been while playing counter attacking so I'll keep that in mind.

Just have to say this is great stuff and it should help strugglers ALOT! I agree with everything here minus the defensive line theory. I often play football manager and have since This txctics was tactis by man city on Jun 10 Dec 3, Messages: I just noticed that before, it is abit strange isn't it.

Nov 19, Messages: In the away formation, they will be asked to tuck in, support the full-backs, and be ready for quick breaks when the reward outweighs the risk. The result - they got 2 goals each. Great to see that there are other people that play Football Manager!

What is the best tactic ??

Want to add to the discussion? Changing to an attacking tactic just because you feel it unrealistic or frustrating not to win could bring you a goal, but it could equally likely cost you tactifs match. Login Forgot your password? Football Manager Tactics Help self. Submit a new link.

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Its not that the other team have lots of taactics they just score every shot or there abouts they have take this game: Depends a little on personnel. Powered by neoforums v3. Why Teams are Successful Teams are successful due to a combination of four things: Ah, I downloaded your tactics and you go with individual passing, so my post is useless and can be disregarded.

He has attempted to put together a tactic set that everyone can understand and try to get some enjoyment from. I do like these tactics despite the poor run and I will be sticking with them to the end of the season and into next season when I can hopefully get some decent players although Tevez, Ashton, Leon, Guardado, De Jong, Vanden Borre and Ferdinand should really be coping better than they are.

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If you have to use your phone to take a picture instead of taking a screenshot, tzctics make sure the picture is of a good quality. I used them before and tried it against spurs to sort out Keane and Defoe. It doesn't take forever and will give you far more stability in the long run.

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