Command and conquer zero hour mods

This is a map pack containing two maps. Star Base offers multifaceted modes of playing. There are two Rar format files in it. This 4-player map is a balanced building-battle map. Tech near your base area to capture.

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A fairly straight forward mission in which you are to eliminate all GLA forces in the area, and clear land of demo traps. This file takes out the Command and Conquer intro video and adds in a mode that shows off the GLA. This is the official soundtrack for MidEast Crisis finally released to the public for download - don't miss it!

View More on EA Help. It's a beta because I was just testing things out, and it happened to turn into a map. Equal tech and cash for each player, even equal room to build.

Command & Conquer: Generals Mods

Lakeside Basin is a great 4v4 map for Conuer Hour. This adds new special powers to hero and makes AI harder. Use at your own risk.!!! May i also cant seem to get any mod to run. There are 2 oil derricks in each base and 4 in the middle.

Each side gets modifications to make it about twice as strong in an amusing way. It also adds new music and sounds, maps, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and other effects, as well as three new Generals.

Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour Mods

Instead of merely serving as a staging area for tactical operations, the FOB has become the 'home away from home' for the American soldier. It has been manifesting in this region for quite some time and is arousing new fears! The package not only altered the path but also certain registry files. You can now build 2 Jarmen Kells Instead of 1 9. This mod adds over new units as well as new upgrades, new general's powers, buildings and 3 hlur generals.

Why wont mods work in C&C generals zero hour? - Answer HQ

It features a river and mountainous terrain. Zero Hour mod, Star Wars: The game includes tutorial, skirmish, and multiplayer modes.

This is small 2-player eye appealing Temperate map. This map can be played as singleplayer zsro multiplayer. A solo mission for the Zero Hour expansion of generals. Remake of the Generals make created by cncfan A 6-Player temperate night skirmish match for Zero Hour. The American forces have a base in Northern Russia where they are developing in secrecy an atomic weapon.

General Leang Mod 1. This cell is code named 'Cobra'.

This map is based on the map Hometown from the game World in Conflict. An island where only a little farming family lives, what they dont know on the other side of the island is a secret chineese lab.

Map features modified war factories that build all the tank types. Download this to fix the small problem.

Subscribe for the latest gaming news. Very nice layout with large base areas which allows the AI in skirmish mode to build properly.

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