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Avionics, Element, Software and Functions. Guidance includes control of the pitch axis and control of the throttle. The FMS constantly crosschecks the various sensors and determines a single aircraft position and accuracy. Special flight plans, often for tactical requirements including search patterns, rendezvous, in-flight refueling tanker orbits, calculated air release points CARP for accurate parachute jumps are just a few of the special flight plans some FMS can calculate.

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All FMS contain a navigation database.

Retrieved 31 December Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. However airplanez characteristics are common to all FMS. Aircraft lavatory Auxiliary power unit Bleed air system Deicing boot Emergency oxygen system Flight data recorder Entertainment system Environmental control system Hydraulic system Ice protection system Landing lights Navigation light Passenger service unit Ram air turbine Weeping wing.

The xirplanes plan is generally determined on the ground, before departure either by the pilot for smaller aircraft or a professional dispatcher for airliners.

The flight plan generally appears as a magenta line, with other airports, radio aids and waypoints displayed. This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An FMS is a specialized computer system that automates a wide variety of in-flight tasks, reducing the workload on the flight crew to the point that modern civilian aircraft no longer carry flight engineers or navigators.

Using various sensors such as GPS and INS often backed up by radio navigation to determine the aircraft's position, the FMS can guide the aircraft along the flight plan. In cruise, where most of the fuel is burned, there are multiple methods for fuel savings.

Aircraft components and systems. The climb may use a reduced thrust or "FLEX" climb to save stress on the engines.

FMS Models

This can include performance information such as gross weight, fuel weight and center of gravity. Performance optimization allows the FMS to determine the best or most economical speed to fly in level flight.

The purpose of VNAV is to predict and optimize the vertical path. Given the flight plan and the aircraft's position, the FMS calculates the course airplaness follow.

Normally the FMS allows the speed to vary within a small band.

FMS RC Products

But modern FMS use as many sensors as they can, such as VORs, in order to determine and validate their exact position. As an aircraft burns fuel it gets lighter and can cruise higher where it is generally more efficient. The navigation database contains the elements from which the flight plan is constructed. Generally a cost index of gives ECON speeds as fast as possible without consideration of fuel and a cost index of Zero gives airplajes efficiency.

Waypoints can also be defined by the pilot s along the route or by reference to other waypoints with entry of a place in the form of a waypoint e. For aircraft that do not have a GPSthe initial position is also required. A flight management system FMS is a fundamental component of a modern airliner's avionics. This is often useful for airport arrival slot scheduling. This is based on the cost index, which is entered to give a weighting between speed and fuel efficiency.

The FMS constantly crosschecks the various sensors and determines a single aircraft airplames and accuracy.

FMS model airplanes -FMSMODEL

Ejection seat Escape crew capsule. Thus the use of idle descents is minimized by Air Traffic Control. If either the predicted path is incorrect or the downpath winds different from the predictions, then the aircraft will not perfectly follow the path. Avionics, Element, Software and Functions. In its evolution an FMS has had many different sizes, capabilities and controls. This detailed flight model is generally only available from the aircraft manufacturer.

In order to have the information necessary to accomplish this, the FMS must have a detailed flight and engine model. The navigation database NDB is normally updated every 28 days, in order to ensure that its contents are current.

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