I got high afroman

Afroman re-recorded the song with new lyrics for his album Frobama Head of State. Login with Google Error: Because I Got High Afroman.

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The lyrics of the song describe how cannabis use is degrading the narrator's quality of life. General Comment This song does not glorify smoking, it tries to denounce it. Enter Afroman in the field Interpret.

I Got High

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the album of the same name, see Because I Got High album. Login with Facebook Error: The title track was soon posted on file-sharing service Napster and made it to The Howard Stern Show. She Won't Let Me Fuck.

There was an error. In an interview, Afroman said he wrote this list of things he was going to do, but goh accomplished because he was high, and afrman turned into a song. The file-sharing software Napster — heavily used at the time to share and distribute music for free — was at its peak of popularity, and the track became popular with its users:.

Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Retrieved November 20, On August 22Stern had Afroman in his studio for an interview.

General Comment No, you are the one who fucking sucks, and it's never gonna go to the negatives. Retrieved 26 May Retrieved 15 October It tells about the negative aspects of smoking weed but in a funny way so it doesn't sound like a damn speech.

Because I Got High song meanings.

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Song Meaning Actually, this song is satiric. Afroman] Hmm It's like I don't care about nothin' man Roll another blunt No Replies Log gor to reply.

General Comment Papa Roacher 5k Select Platinum in the Certification field. However I give you and honestyormystery a for contributing intelligent comments. If you really read into it, specifically toward the end, "I messed up my entire life" "I lost my kids and my wife", he is saying DO NOT get high, these things could happen to you.

Back On The Bus. This article is about the song. Recording Industry Association of America. In contrast to the original version, the lyrics of this version deal with the positive effects of marijuana ggot. Login with Google Error: Soon after, Afroman left the music business.

Afroman - Because I Got High Lyrics | SongMeanings

SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. User does not exist. Select single in the field Format. After the success of this single, Afroman was signed to Universal Records.

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