Capture the flag

The flag must be visible from one angle not underneath a covering or stuffed in a mailbox. Balls and Frisbees you may make a rule that they can be passed once found, or they have to be carried Cones Old toys. Views Read Edit View history. Another variation is when the players put bandannas in their pockets with about six inches sticking out. HG Hazar Gokalp Aug 11,

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The game is played on captuee streets and players use cellphones to communicate. DB David Brown May 26, Alterations may include "one flag" CTF in which there is a defensive team and an offensive team, or games with three or more flags.

To do so, simply make the center line yards wide.

Don flashlights or headlamps and head out for a spooky, extra challenging game of CTF. If you are playing at night, be careful not to run into any obstacles. Teams are even, made up frequently of 5 people or more per team. Player type Single-player Multiplayer Cooperative.

The 3 Best Ways to Play Capture the Flag - wikiHow

The game is not over until all the flags are found by one team. You can also set up boundaries. Did you try these steps? The other team members will stay together, out of sight in the house or garage, at the center line, etc. Usually, the territory is made by splitting capyure playing area in half with cones, trees, or other markers.

Not Helpful 13 Helpful Within thf territory players are "safe", meaning that they cannot be tagged by opposing players. Capture the Flag In other languages: Risky but rewarding, this involves sending some of your fastest players all to one side of the field.

In the case of the latter, one can only win when all flags are captured, not only one.

Try and sneak away or outrun the guards, looking for the flag. They will go to jail often while searching, so other attackers need to take turns saving them so that all the attackers don't end up in jail at once.

Not Helpful 6 Helpful There is no required number, but it would be better to have a large group rather that people. These just need to be two objects of similar size and shape.

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You can make captrue playing area as big or as small as you like. Sometimes teams wear dark colors at night to make it more difficult for their opponents to see them. A Anonymous May 1.

The objective of the game is for players to venture into the opposing team's territory, grab the flag and return with it to their territory without being tagged. Answer this question Flag as Yes, but one of the teams would be one player short and that would be a disadvantage.

You thf, but it would not be as fun as larger games.

Capture the flag

Jail is where a player goes if they get tagged by an opponent. Or you could just play 2 Vs. The farther away your flag, the more ground the team has to cover without being tagged, making it easier to defend.

For other uses, see Capture the flag disambiguation. It also might have some challenge involved. The flag must be visible from one angle not underneath a covering or stuffed in a mailbox.

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