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Didn't know a so much loved character was so badly presented in its debut! It was published in the preparatory stage of World War II, probably to fuel the fire of nationalism even in the innocent minds. Well, he was right to be embarrassed; "Land of the Soviets" is painful Herge' didn't realize that his Tintin character was going to become a big deal when his boss told him to create a work of anti-Soviet propaganda for children.

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I laughed at the guy exclaiming "By Trotsky! One time he makes a motor vehicle out of abandoned parts, another time he dismantles a car and doesn't know how to fix it, and yet another time he's made a working prop An extremely silly book.

I only grabbed it because it banbla on display at the library and I wanted to get a kids' comic book. I found that I'd never read the very first book or I couldn't remember it and I have to say that if this was my introduction I would never have continued reading them.

I never knew Tintin was such a right-wing fanatic! Want to Read saving…. Evil Communists chase Tintin, catch him, imprison him, and he escapes, over and over and over and over again. I only read this volume out of a desire to read bang,a the Tintin adventures banngla order and I would only recommend it it to anyone who wants the complete Tintin story.

সোভিয়েত দেশে টিনটিন by Hergé (1 star ratings)

It makes sense though, since this book was published as a serial not one album, of course. Well, this was terrible. It's bewilderingly Cmoics, this was terrible. In the disguise of reporting current affairs to the young readers through Tintin the reporter, the newspaper's editor, Norbert Banla main agenda was to propagate the anti-communist and right-oriented sentiments, which were strongly prevalent during s in the Europe, among children.

Tintin as a reporter is an Everyman thrust into a land of corrupt politicians, and evil overlords. I'm perhaps slightly harsh on this book but okay, no problem, there are many many titin Tintin books and this was the first one and as they say: It's good I read the top review though because my thought was, "Well, I'm never going to read any Tintin again," but apparently this is not representative of Tintin in general.

Didn't know a so much loved character was so badly presented in its debut!

It reads like a bad cartoon where the only reason to watch it is because you think it's funny when people smash each other over the head or whatever. How did the diving suit find its way into the prison cell!

This sort of thing makes me quite distraught. Hmmm, 'Tintin and his racist, bigoted jaunt across Europe' seems a more appropriate title. There co,ics no mystery or even much of a plot.

সোভিয়েত দেশে টিনটিন

My review, as posted in Tintin Books The perils of this album are well-documented: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The drawings are shoddy and amateurish. His work remains a strong influence on comics, particularly in Europe.

After finally watching the new Tintin movie last night I thought it would be good to take a walk down memory lane and reread bagla the comics. Tintin in the Land of Soviets appeared first in the The Little Twentietha children's supplement of a conservative and fascist Belgium-based newspaper, The Twentieth Centuryfor which Herge Georges Reni worked as an illustrator.

Apparently he didn't put much tintun or thought into it, and was pretty embarrassed by it once his tintinn and career started to take off, refusing to render a color version and keeping the original black and white version from being reprinted for as long as he could. His best known and most substantial work is The Adventures of Tintin comic book series, which he wrote and illustrated from until his death inleaving the twenty-fourth Tintin adventure Tintin and Alph-Art unfinished.

A lookalike-cousin-prick masquerading in Russia as the real Tintin!

Well, bangoa as anti-communist propaganda this isn't any good. I am always hungry to read more and more of Tin Tin stories. Amal Eyad yes it's the first.

The solution comes too fast, there's zero suspense whatsoever. Here Tintin literary solves almost any problem with his fists and while there's nothing wrong with that if this were an action movie, I'd rather prefer him sticking to his wits and brains.

There's no cohesive story and there's only really a few shots at communists.

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