Glassfish application server

Support for Ruby on Rails, in addition to PHP support, using Quercus makes GlassFish a suitable application server for hosting heterogeneous applications. An Application Server e. It is highly modular and easy to use.

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The following commands will change the passwords. You can access the Administration console using a browser.

Domain configuration files like domain. You may issue this command after you edit the domain. The use of GlassFish application server is growing, and having a reference card for day-to-day jobs is inevitable.

Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2. Looking for a sample command to perform a specific job can take time but by using this refcard, you won't need to look for any commands or lose time searching in countless pages of manuals and administration references.


These APIs allow you to extend monitoring and management facilities of the GlassFish application server. It will stop the domain8; you will need to include domain name if you have more than one domain in the domains directory. Each of these packages is suitable for one operating system so you need to ensure to get the package designated for your own OS.

The report is compressed as a jar file and contains some interrelated HTML files for each type of information you may need.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Suitable for developers who develop and test applications; embedded JMS implementation; no clustering; heart-beat support.

Why use Glassfish instead of Apache? What's it strengths and weaknesses? - Stack Overflow

IP multi cast should be allowed between subnets when we have instances on multiple subnets. Support for the latest web services specification in addition to proven interoperability with Microsoft WCF. This version introduced support for ssh-based provisioning, centralized admin, clustering and load-balancing. Scripts to directly start and stop the domain without using asadmin reside inside this folder. Why use Glassfish instead of Apache?

Srver GlassFish domain servwr be created in one of the following three profiles. Here is a detailed profiles comparison: Make sure that you choose the correct distribution for your operating system. When using HADB, the performance will degrade but the reliability will be the highest because all replicate information will get persisted in multiple instances of HADB.

You should consider that when you have no replication, you have the best possible performance provided by the application server, and using any kind of replication either in memory or HADB degrades the performance. The file is located inside the directory numbered 6 in Figure 1.

Command Description list-domains Lists all available domains. On 4 MayProject GlassFish released the 1.

This is the preferred way for the experienced administrators who can't quit the command line habit. Which made me wonder, why would I want to use Glassfish in the sense that I'm interested, but I don't really understand why it might make my life easier.

Sample application which will help you learn Java EE faster and easier. Usually the port number for remote debugger attachment is Run GlassFish under its own user, and provide only the required permission for the GlassFish user. You may use rotation to have old log files stored for further review or you may change the logging level of a component, which you think is the source of a problem, by looking at:.

A designated domain lib folder is where you should put your common libraries like JDBC driver, cache libraries, and web framework library. JVM has several memory sections and each one has its own purpose. What's it strengths and weaknesses? Sun Microsystems launched the GlassFish project on 6 June

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