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Please indicate to commercial firms who may be pressurising your school etc to purchase individual posters that this matter is being dealt with centrally. A new version was released by the Health and Safety Executive HSE in to clarify legislation, as well as the duties of both companies and employees. New Worker Safety in Canada Infographic. Contact Us support safelincs. HSE aims to reduce work-related death, injury and ill health.

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Information you must display

Employers have a duty to provide the right equipment to help employees work safely. There are various versions of the poster, so that you can select the most appropriate for your business, depending on where in the UK your business is based.

Electric Shock Treatment Guide Poster.

This site uses cookies to improve your experience and for essential functioning of the site. Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace Infographic.

If it is not possible to display the poster you can provide each of your employees with the equivalent poster pocket card. The Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulationsrequires employers to either display the HSE-approved law poster or to provide each of their workers with the equivalent leaflet available as a free download.

As an employer, you are required by law to either display the Hhealth poster or to provide each of your workers with the equivalent 'leaflet'. You can visit our cookie privacy page for more information.

Noise in the Canadian Workplace Infographic. Get the Upper Hand on Germs. Find out how to manage work-related stress and recognise signs of stress so you can protect your employees.

Employers have a duty under the law to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, your health, safety and welfare at work. The current health and safety law posters can be healthh until 5 April Safe Manual Handling Poster Promotes thorough assessment and good methods for moving objects Helps to prevent injury from poor practices Printed on high quality semi-rigid plastic.

Day of Mourning Candle.

The purchase of a copy of the poster for each and every University building is not a cost-effective approach. Other common signs that are worth looking at sadety see if they would deliver benefits for your firm include those about how to prevent and deal with electric shocks and posters about manual handling.

There is a five year transitional period for these and any previous versions of the poster and leaflet must be replaced by the new versions no later than 5 April HSE aims to reduce work-related death, injury and ill health. Employers are required, by law, to either display the HSE-approved law poster or to provide each of their workers with the equivalent leaflet available as a free download.

Do your workers wear a face mask at work? Put up notices telling people about the fire precautions in the workplace and what to do if there is a fire. Printed on biodegradable material. Employers' liability compulsory insurance ELCI certificate As an employer you must display one or more valid copies of your Saffety certificate at each of your business premises where your safeyy can easily see and read it.

HSE Law Safehy webpage. User-friendly text and clear instructions show employees how to recognise and treat burns.

It is good practice to print their name clearly below their signature. However, in order to comply with this legal requirement the Health and Safety Department have purchased a number of posters and these are displayed in suitably prominent locations, which are accessible to University employees.

Click on the infographic title to download, print and share. Aging Workforce in Canada Infographic.

Health and Safety | Computing Educational School Posters

A - switch to normal size A - switch to large size A - switch to larger size. Driven to Distraction Infographic. Health and Safety Law: Safety posters are the perfect products for businesses both large and small to clearly, quickly and concisely detail certain health and safety practices and advice.

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