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SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. When Mary is murdered, her body is found quickly "next morning" and in an obvious place, a shallow river that she frequented, as if the killer wanted it to be found. Mary didn't drown; she was strangled and dumped in the river.

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Mary disappears in suspicious circumstances, and the narrator, shunned by many in the small village since his childhood "That boy's not right. Or, the shady as hell sheriff did it. We do not have any tags for Hazard lyrics. It would be easy to determine this on autopsy, which is why the scarf is presumed to be the murder weapon.

When Mary goes missing one night, our protagonist finds himself a suspect. Seems that he migt be hurted in the past. Or perhaps that when the boy was seven something happened to his mother, and the other residents of the town suspected that the boy was in some way involved? We know he's been following her, and though you could argue that he's just hazaed of Richard and trying to protect her, a good cop richzrd keep people under surveillance with no plausible reason.

Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. As he explained in an interview with Songfact: She made you jealous didn't she?

Sometime in my late elementary school years, I—along with the rest of the world—discovered Richard Marx. Well, if that qualifies as a sophisticated wrap-up to this excuse for me to wax nostalgic, then yes.

But what should we make of Richard's violent past then? Retrieved from " https: Library and Archives Canada. More importantly, we see Mary on the riverbank through the eyes of the killer as he approaches and she turns to scream. Mary is then shown alone near the river spoken of in the song.

Richard Marx – Hazard Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

The townsfolk said he was "not right," and the videos imply that he deliberately set fire to his house, killing his mother and her lover. Locals are shown vandalizing the male character's home, breaking windows and setting fire to it.

The video then shows Mary, who is depicted as having features very similar to the protagonist's mother. There's a second reason we can rule out Mary's lover, and it's the same reason we can ultimately rule out Richard: But if richarf was so, he should've arrested her lover as a prime suspect. Shoot us your eichard and we'll send it straight to you.

And then the Nebraska line actually came because the syllables of it and the sound of it sang so well: Mwrx reaction indicates that the person she sees is someone she didn't expect and doesn't trust. This is not surprising, since we learn from the opening stanza how the townspeople had always regarded him with suspicion. As someone else also stated, what would be the point of the song if he had killed her?!? He then denies that eichard and Mary were romantically involved, and the sheriff asks if Marx was jealous.

That Richard did it, That Mary killed herself, or That some mysterious, unnamed stranger killed her.

Yet Richard makes no attempt to hide or flee and is surprised by the cops in his bed the next morning. Its a sad song really. Richafd is implied that the protagonist goes to see Mary but catches her making love to an unidentified person.

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The night she vanished, they were by the river together, then they went their separate ways and she was never seen alive again. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

Possibly to commit suicide?

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