Black ops 2 aimbot xbox 360

I could be wrong, but I read somewhere that PC has dedicated servers. Kill cam confirmed it was a hacker. Guess I'll pass, again.

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Uhh, no, you misunderstand completely.

Black Ops 2 Xbox Hack For Online - Xbox Gaming - WeMod Community

Every lobby is hacked with stupid shit like super jump, invisible weapon, or some random shit. There was a time when I believed aimobt not only ignored the hackers, but enjoyed them.

No Low Quality Submissions. I know the difference. Black Ops II on consoles is a nightmare and has been for quite some time. Xbox has a responsibility to protect the integrity of the Xbox live network from people exploiting ips and vulnerabilities. For a more detailed explanation of these rules, please visit our Rules Wiki Page.

Black Ops 2 Aimbot. MW2 this is a huge problem as well, unfortunately it will most likely never be the same again: I played it a lot last year.

Yeah I was playing it every week or so because i missed it and then like a month ago I got on and every lobby me and my friend got in was modded.

All servers on Treyarch PC games are dedicated.

Black Ops 2 Mod

I'm beyond frustrated, like you all, that it's becoming more and more difficult to find a lobby that's not infected with kids modding and ruining the game. Of course hackers have been around since day 0. Why is this being downvoted? Every goddamn lobby has someone named []J1GY and xbod so annoying!!!

This is ruining the game to no end. Can confirm that it's pretty much free of cheaters.

[BO2] Black Ops 2 is hacked to death on the Xbox : CallOfDuty

Simply go to new. They updated it when Zombies Chronicles came out. What jrpc do you use or patch? Moderator actions are not influenced, encouraged, or condoned by Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games or Activision. Right now, I quit out of a modded FFA game that the host kept ending and restarting. You often hear people say games are unplayable, but BO2 is legitimately unplayable now. I could be wrong, but I read somewhere that PC has dedicated servers.

Your own rules state people who do this will be temporarily then permanently banned from the platform. Sad to see it go. You guys act like this is a surprise and like it needs to be addressed.

What's really frustrating is when you leave a match, but they use what I refer to as a "retractor mod" that leashes you and pulls you right back into the same game. These don't work offhost so the only cheaters you'll come across xbbox be ones with actual modded consoles.

It would be kinda fun to play a little in a modded lobby, but i really dont want the xpunlock and money stuff. I know reddit likes to be over dramatic so how often are you guys actually finding hackers?

Almost every game I search for has some hacker in it Step 3 Press the "Start" button and wait it won't take too much. Or rather, I used to, thanks to how unplayable it's become lately.

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