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Text typography is still the weakness of nearly every iPad publication. I think people are often given too many choices in how to interact with content these days. And from the commentators— Spacing for display neglects rhythm in favor of tightness, i. Straight apostrophes rear their ugly heads in headlines and captions. Monotype old English image from identifont:

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In my mind that is nonsense, as bad rhythm won't be turned into good rhythm by adding tracking! Please don't assume otherwise. They must have spent all that money copy-and-pasting content from their other magazines. Text typography is still the weakness of nearly every fotn publication.

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Needing to zoom in for reading text implies that it might have been set poorly from the outset. I am looking for something like the one used by the "newspaper clipping generator" at fodey. Touch interactivity presents an opportunity to make complex data more interesting and easier to understand.

Leave the zooming features for things like slideshows, videos, or other kinds of interactive content.

Designed by Christian SchwartzErik Spiekermann, and Sowersby, it is no-nonsense yet novel, rarely seen by American readers. A nice popup in Founders Grotesk. Totally true, I presumed. Thank you for your back-handed compliment. But text set in Helvetica. If I have the option to zoom in, not only does it force default line breaks, but it's distracting.

This is not an adaptation of an existing print publication, but an entirely new operation, built from the ground up within the age of digital delivery. Tiempos shares the rather closed forms and tightness of Founders Grotesk Tiempos shares nothing with Founders. Something like Glypha would have fitted better Sure, Glypha is a Grot-style slab, so they share similar shapes and are compatible when next to each other.

I've clarified the text. I know for myself, whenever I'm reading anything I like the body copy to be of a consistent size. Outside of Popular Mechanics, who developed their own backend and workflow literally from the ground up using objective C, there really aren't any fonr or extensible workflows currently available that allow passable typographic control for iPad publication development.

Daily News Pro BE Regular font

A good example is the Super Bowl graphic above in which eleven years of history are clearly presented on a single page. This still allows for professional well-set, attractive typography. When the iPad is turned to landscape mode it becomes a photo gallery.

I don't think they should mimic other computers with their browser interfaces which act primarily as distraction and disruption devices. I understand that other apps on the iPad have zooming capability for text perhaps in some cases merely because they can but in a long-form reading situation it doesn't sit well with me.

Tiempos or Unit Slab would do fine here. Not only are things dailyy read on different devices, they are being read at different distances.

More Tiempos in use Die Epilogissue 4: But most of these seem to be errors of dail, rather than poor design direction. This is part of a bigger and very different discussion I would love to have, for which this is probably foont the right place: Did you notice there is no sense of flow, or continuation while reading an article? Founders Grotesk, as cool and striking as it might be, has very closed aperture which makes it not particularly suitable for reading sizes and length, especially on the screen.

Why does text in a digital magazine or newspaper need to be scalable? It's merely respecting the reader and carefully choosing which interactive choices they have. Tiempos shares the rather closed forms and tightness of Founders Grotesk.

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