Ancient empires ii

Archers have soldier stats not great not terrible , with one modification: Veteran units can be ferocious battalions, but they are also precious resources on their own. This restriction has been removed in the sequel. Can you guys add battle animations?

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing that, but I can tell you that it is a viable strategy.

It takes time to develop a kick-ass unit, and you want to be careful that they aren't ganged up on too badly, because it's a real bummer to lose them and have to rebuild a fresh unit to offer such peak performance. Ancient Empires is a fantasy turn-based tactics game series developed by Macrospace for cell phones. There are some maps, like Crossroads or Peak Island, where a golem right in the center of the map will almost certainly empirew die.

Ancient Empires (mobile game) - Wikipedia

You'll have to watch out for sorceresses, as they have the ability to raise the dead. Also, catapults can't fire up close, so a empres soldier that gets in close can piss off a catapult pretty bad.

Everything has a purpose, from the lowly soldier that seems like cannon fodder until you need to restore and occupy a building smashed with a catapult.

King of the Hill. Knights, archers, dragons, elementals Attacks are noted more with battle effects, like the dragon's fire breath stretching across the divide. These seem like small elements, but on a crowded battlefield with a dozen units to command, strong visual indicators really help you out.

Views Read Edit View history. When I could be getting a Golem with more gold, why would I spend it on the unit with the worst attack in the game? But in general, don't just get these guys. They finally arrive to face Saeth himself, only to find that he has used the crystals to activate an ancient zncient of great power - Heaven's Fury. The brothers split up in their attempt to defend their land.

Especially considering how powerful they eventually get as they grow ii levels. In the original game, enemy troops wander around aimlessly, seemingly unaware of one another Heroes are the best capturing unit in the game, and that is their main role.

Catapults are one of a few ways to handle a golem whore but don't think that getting a catapult and using it is enough to handle golems by any means.

As you use units, they'll earn experience and rise in rank. Then, their also incredible attack damage will finish off killing whatever unit was stupid enough to approach it on a house next turn.

The game employs many of the best features from other turn-based strategy games, from Advance Wars to Military Madness. Age of Civilizations is turn-based strategy game about world domination. Veterans will immediately notice the refreshed roster of units, taking in familiar staples and some like-for-like swaps.

Ancient Empires II

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Afreeca Starleague Season 6. So veterans may find themselves falling back on familiar tactics. That's pretty amazing, and a testament to the talent and care that went into the game's creation. Yes, Ancient Empires II is a cell phone game.

Ancient Empires II

If you are really crafty, you can make use of this. In addition, their attack reduces the opponent's stats for a turn. You can describe your problem there, or make a video if you would like to so we can totally get what's going wrong your strategy or our stage difficulty. A lot of ahcient campaign stages to play. But they also become utterly compelling.

Enemies also seem to react to your tactics by cutting off any scout parties you may send out to take their fortresses and by surrounding any units you group too closely together.

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