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Some chess pieces may move "on the rank", that is, in any straight line across the board see Figure 2. With a sudden gust of wind, your warriors appear. There are difficulty levels, from Novice through to Level 9. From the edge of the board, the area controlled by each piece is obviously diminished.

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B-N2 B-N5 ch We scour old closets, mouldy floppy discs, and the darkest tubes of the internet for the best of the best games in the galaxy, and we exhibit them here, so you can get them down into your hot little hard drives, for you to experience and enjoy some genuine gaming history! The point of the opening game is to organize and coordinate your pieces as quickly as possible in order to take maximum advantage of their power.

K-R3 N-K6 ch Check is when your King is under direct attack by an opposing piece. We have a lot of talented people here — we know if we work hard enough we can put out great games that we all can enjoy and be proud of.

Figure 12a, below, shows a scene before an en passant; Figure 12b shows the en passant move itself; Figure 12c shows the result. Keep in mind, however, that there will be times cheds you may want to trade a high value piece for one of much lower power — if, for instance, by trading a Queen for a pawn, you can set up for checkmate in the next move, then it doesn't really matter how many points you have lost.

The later Battlechessand even more so, Battlechesssimply took the idea to the next level. Figure 14b shows castling on the King's side, and Figure 14c shows castling on the Queen's side. The other two are: Likewise, if you move one of your Rooks out into the center of abttle board prematurely, you risk losing it to a Knight, Bishop or Pawn. Using abbreviations, each square on the board is identified as shown in Figure 20, on the next page.

RxP ch K-Bl QxP ch K-N2 9.

Battle Chess Special Edition

This move is called en passant a French term meaning "in passing". Movement Restrictions With the exception of the Knight, all chess pieces must move in straight lines. Thanks, From the crew at Interplay Please write us at: See Figure 7 for a more graphic representation of their movement.

K8 Q2 K2 o7: A Bishop, on the other hand, can use only 32 squares maximum remember, a Bishop always stays on its starting colorand it is this trade-off between mobility and the potential number of squares that can be attacked that ties these two pieces at third in power. B-N2 R K8 -K6 5.

Battle Chess

The next page illustrates several examples of check and checkmate positions. R-B8 ch K-N2 9.

This is important for chess notation, since every piece on the Kings' side of the board is referred to as "King's piece ", i. Bbattle to say, I knew there were going to be hard times ahead for all of us working on Battle Chess. So, some simple things to remember before we begin: Gotta love those oldschool graphics.

NxP ch K-Ql KR-N1 N-B6 ch 4. Rather than moving in a straight line like all the other pieces, it moves in an "L"-shaped pattern See Figure 9a, below. This is the only way you can use your King to directly attack another piece.

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Let's talk about each one of them. Figure 30, on the next page, shows this simple defense. Well, that's what happened to me.

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