Acer factory restore disk

But I saw above you told someone else about this link to retrieving your original password. For the drivers, most probably you can grab them from their official page acer. Do you have any other suggestions? Try a few more times, hold Alt key and keep pressing F New 26 Feb 6.

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Once your computer turned on, press and hold Alt key, then continuous press F10 button until you see Acer eRecovery System is running you might need to do it for a couple of times before your system entered Acer eRecovery System, I failed to enter for a few times when I trying it out, not sure why though. I am not too sure if the running Windows 7 is an facfory upgrade, so I would advice your friend to check with the seller.

Next time, I'm buying an apple. Doesn't require any hidden partitions any more. Do you happen to have a burned Acer eRecovery Disc? Hello Taylor I have an Acer aspire desktop with windows 7, about 3 years old.

Its a hidden partition, which you can also create if you have the right software in hand.

Laptop is rebooted but nothing happens. Could you give me a little more detail where I could find that file?

How to restore/format your Acer desktop/laptop without recovery disc? | Techie Talkz

Sorry for the late reply. I have used a few tricks in past restoer some thing similar. Most probably your hard disk is having issue, I would suggest you to do a live boot UBuntu to copy all your files if the hard disk still readablethen change a new hard disk.

I don't know if the hiren's boot iso what you send me will work, because there is UEFI boot. Can you try to re-describe again clearly so that I can dsk your situation?

New 24 Feb 2. However, if you have a recovery Windows disc from Acer, then you can use it to restore without problem. Intel Core iP Motherboard: Does anyone of you have any ideas on this? So I decided to save my data to USB and do a system restore back to factory settings. If you turn off or power outage, unfortunately fachory computer disi the Windows setup, you can end up with a corrupted installation and you might have to do the system restore once again.

Hi, I will be restoring to factory defaults an acer xtensa z for a friend of mine who bought rrestore recently from another person. But please backup before doing the recovery.

You can grab them from Acer website. During the Recovery Process If your computer turns off during the recovery process, it could create a number of potentially serious problems.

How to restore/format your Acer desktop/laptop without recovery disc?

I came back to my comeputer and there 3 questions to chose from and I chose to exit and my computer locked and would not finish the backup installation. New 26 Feb 5. But I have no idea how the WinRE works.

Try to see if you can facrory a Windows installation disc matched with the genuine key come with the Acer PC. My acer has the logo at the beginning, then has a black screen and wont do anything esle.

I would like to help but I think your laptop probably has some issue that is not so trivial to fix.

WOW thank you soo much for this, after 3 years was finally able to reformat my laptop without the restore disc. I am not too sure but most of the time driver is not needed unless your hard disk configuration is a special one.

How can I use eRecovery to factory restore my computer? Thank you so rstore for this post. There is more verbage then I get the following start choices: Takes up about 2 GB — what are these and is it safe to delete.

For the Acer resotre Management, if I recall it correctly, it does not involved complex process and it is really simple.

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