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Should you need anything else or have any further questions - feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience, we will be happy to help you! Drive Partition 0 info: The 15 hours seems a long time. From reading, it seems I cannot do a "clone" like I normally do using TI until this alignment problem is fixed later this year.

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You are better off starting by partitioning your disc afresh, with the correct partition alignment, give that you are, here, starting from a blank disc anyway.

On this disk I have installed Acronjs 7 - 64 bit and some software. Les Seiler's Backup Video. For anyone needing refresher on the alignment issue, Windows 7 installs at and creates partitions that start at sector Be aware of possible alignment conflicts when using the old backups--as per MudCrab's test data posted in 6 above.

I hope this will make things a bit clearer for everyone. Or as you said, acroni, recreate and restore I guess No, create an account now. ATI didn't ask me, but configured itself to increase the restored size of my 15GB partition to fill the available space.

Hitachi Align Tool by Acronis - Should I Remove It?

Restoring just the partition will realign to XP standards Restoring just the partition into an existing blank aligned partition will do the trick but the partition MUST be manually created before?

SSD's that don't have proper partition alignment suffer performance penalties. In your situation, there is a high degree of probability of successful recovery when the restore is a disk option restore.

To summarize the qcronis data we have got from Acronis developers: Download, Install and execute PAT. I tried just creating the partitions the usual old way, but my computer seems to have problems writing to the drive.

I have done some tests, and alignment situation is not as dire as I thought.

This post covers 2 things: Attempts to resize partitions being restored bigger than they were originally, to fill unallocated space, did not work correctly. Write down which one is active and which ones have drive letters. One has DD Dag, Whether you can use the clone feature or not, try it and see.

All the sudden after an ATI disk image restore Windows comes up as not genuine. Protection of stored data Please make sure to scronis up all data on attached Toshiba AF drives prior to running this program. Maybe the Paragon Alignement Tool would be sufficient? If you are talking about the appearance of the pic, look at this link.

HDD --> SSD Clone Image Partition Alignment

I can't clone the whole disk of course because the source is too large, and just want the system boot partition to the SSD. I do not have Win7 nor an SSD so others more familiar with your settings will have to help further. I just bought 2 ssd's and was able to format and install an image, but all I get is a MBR 1 error. And I have not searched the forums to see if these are already documented, but I wanted to share my experience.

After restoring the first partition, the starting offset was still Remember, you can simulate your procedures so you get the feel of what you are doing. TI 11 will not preserve the alignment original partition positions unless you created an Entire Disk Image backup checked the Disk box and then did an Entire Disk Image restore. If the restore was attempted, sure enough, the restored partition was created in the wrong unallocated space.

I started by doing a full clone from the original GB drive to another GB drive, since I wanted to preserve the original drive in almost factory condition in case things went bad.

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