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As of , though 15,, American citizens report themselves as Italian-Americans, only , of these report speaking the Italian language at home 0. In , speaking of indigenous Native American languages , linguist Edward Sapir observed: Retrieved October 30,

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From the midth century on, the nation had large numbers of immigrants who spoke little or no English, and throughout the country state laws, constitutions, and legislative proceedings appeared in the languages of politically important immigrant groups. Some English words now in general use, such ubited hijacking, disc jockeyboost, bulldoze and jazzoriginated as American slang.

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The main differences are that American English usually uses spellings such as atates for British flavourfiber for fibredefense for defenceanalyze for analyselicense for licencecatalog for catalogue and traveling for travelling.

There are many languages indigenous to North America or to U. The names of some American inventions remained largely confined to North America elevatorgasoline as did certain automotive terms trucktrunk. Cherokee is one of englis few, or perhaps the only, Native Unoted language with an increasing population of speakers, [58] and along with Navajo it is the only indigenous language with more than 50, speakers, [59] a figure most likely achieved through the tribe's year long language preservation plan involving growing new speakers through immersion schools for children, [60] [61] developing new words for modern phrases, teaching the language to non-Cherokee in schools and universities, [62] fostering the language among young adults so their children can use that language at home, developing iPhone and iPad apps for ehglish education, the development of language radio stations including Cherokee Voices, Cherokee Sounds[63] and promoting the writing system through public signage, products like Apple Inc.

Black man poses as white supremacist. Retrieved 18 January There's no question that English is the de facto language of the United States. Native American sign languages. American Sign Language is the most common sign language in the United States although there are unrelated sign languages which have been developed in the States and its territories—mostly in the Pacific.

Garden City, New York: Languages of New Mexico.

Central Kalapuya Northern Kalapuya Yoncalla. The Atlas of North American English. University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics Increasing numbers of Cherokee youth are renewing interest in the traditions, history, and language of their statess.

Immigrants feel an immense pressure to learn it. The Language Academy offers quite a range of English language courses, ranging from general From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

As immigrants pick up English in their efforts to assimilate, the next generations are much less likely to speak the native tongues of their parents or grandparents. After New Amsterdam formerly a Dutch colony was transferred to English administration becoming the Province of New York in the late 17th century, English supplanted Dutch as the official language.

The Location Located in a newly renovated Renaissance Revival building designed by the The dynamic city culture will surround you, and you will probably meet many other international students too. Zunianother isolate, has around 10, speakers, most of whom reside within the Zuni pueblo.

Commonly used by locals and is considered an unofficial language of the state. Retrieved October 30, However, there is very little Welsh being used commonly in the USA. englisy

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Dutch was still spoken in many parts of New York at the time of the Revolution. Retrieved 3 September Languages Spoken At Home by Language: United States Census Bureau.

Modern Midland speech is transitional between a presence and absence of the cot—caught merger. General American and North American English regional phonology.

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