Compressed archive file

The compression level specified for this operation is Optimal. Excels at text file compression. ZI Renamed Zip File Bzip2 is slower, but it compresses a bit more, so you get a somewhat smaller file.

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This parameter can accept wildcard characters.

LBR archives were very popular. This is the simplest possible usage of the tar command. A self-extracting archive that uses the Bourne shell sh.


Very popular in the early days of BBSesone of the first to offer compression and archiving in a single program. RPM files consist of metadata concatenated with usually a cpio archive.

comprwssed S01 ZipSplitter Part 2 Archive Zip was initially created. The compression level specified for this operation is Optimal. False Accept pipeline input: Android application package variant of JAR file format.

A proprietary archive format, second in popularity to.

The cmdlet is not run. An archive format designed for the Apple II series of computers.

List of archive formats - Wikipedia

BZ2 Compressed Tarball File For many commercial games, the files are encrypted and decoded on runtime via so-called "cxdec" module, which implements xor-based encryption. To specify multiple paths, and include files in multiple locations in your output zipped file, use commas to separate the paths.

S00 ZipSplitter Part 1 Archive Supports "Internet-enabled" disk images, which, fie downloaded, are automatically decompressed, mounted, have the contents extracted, and thrown away.

Gile compression format invented by Google and open-sourced in This specifies you want to e x tract an archive instead of create one.

List of archive formats

File format used in conjunction with any archive format to provide redundancy and data recovery, most often xrchive newsgroup distribution of binary files.

An archive file allows multiple files to be packaged, and optionally compressed, into a single zipped file for easier distribution and storage. BZ Bzip Compressed File DZ Dzip File Uses combination of block splitting and zlib compression. J JAR Archive You may want to extract the contents of the archive to a specific directory.

Views Read Edit View history. GZ Pack Compressed Archive No characters are interpreted as wildcards. The filenames and pathes are stored in UTF format. The tar command on Linux is often used to create. A compression format using LZMA2 to yield very high compression ratios.

How to Manage Files from the Linux Terminal: GZ Gnu Zipped Archive

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