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The most current Dakota is on our site. All other copies including renames are illegal and stolen from us. It's there in the English part. Tried to find the font in the websites which they used it in their logo and etc. It came with OS-X and it's on my machine, I just checked.

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I posted a corrected version at another friendly font site some three and a half years ago. The ClickArt collection is pre-unicode. Well I reformatted my macbook today and for some reason the font is not on the laptop anymore. It either came with Tiger or Leopard, or as you note, iLife. Searched 22 different font sites.

Maybe you had it in favorites and it only disappeared from there? It came with OS-X and it's on my machine, I just checked. They then claim that they own the copyright. ahndwriting

What happened to Handwriting - Dakota? - Apple Community

The Dakota font is owned by vLetter, inc. Scanned pages of your posts trying to figure out the "friendly hanxwriting site" you have mentioned. Edited on Oct 09, at Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tom Gewecke Tom Gewecke. So next time when you hxndwriting something put the proper info in the font's header.

However, since I had migrated stuff from my previous PBG4 using Migration Assistant, it may have been placed there as a sort of inheritance from the older system.

Whether or not they match hwndwriting font you're used to, I don't know. This is what Font Book which is the "official" way of managing your fonts has to say about it: It's on my machine.

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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. It's there in the English part.

All other copies including renames are illegal and stolen from us. When using webfont generator http: Welcome to the Apple forums: It was a Macintosh fotn font. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: If you select User in the Font Book it is not there. Submit a font Tools.

The most current Dakota is on our site. User profile for user: Aug 13, 3: I've done some searching and people seem to say that it does indeed come with OS X, but I assure you it is not on my laptop. Handdwriting happened to Handwriting - Dakota? You can download the latest Dakota font from us, direct from the source at: Please give me some advice on what should I do Tough to make a living as a font designer back then!

And yes I did make sure to choose to have the additional fonts installed in the customize option during the install process.

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