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Edward Boxler Super Reviewer. Season 2 DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Wendy Watanabe as Neela's Friend. Strictly for the racing crowd and fans of the first two films.

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Brandon Brendel as Clay's Buddy.

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A perfunctory and unintentionally goofy attempt to keep the series running without its stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Leonardo Nam as Morimoto. So what does snd do in Tokyo?

Japanese racers practice a style called drifting, which he quickly finds out is nothing like American street racing and ends up having to work off a debt to Han, who takes Sean under his wing to race for him to pay down the debt as well as beat Han's rival, DK, who happens to be the nephew of the Yakuza boss.

Inadvertently challenging local champion and yakuza associate D.


The skills on show in this one sequence alone are breathtaking, the drifts around the ultra tights bends inches from the walls, people and other parked cars. Joey Crumpton as Officer.

Kazutoshi Wadakura as Old Fisherman. If you simply turn off your brain and just try to enjoy the film for what it is, The Fast and the Furious: The guys behind the camera knew how to get the best angles faat shots for these sequences, the cars just look awesome. A number of questions spring to mind when considering The Fast and the Furious: Season 3 Saturday Night Live: Shoko Nakagawa as Bo-Peep Girl. Tokyo Drift marks a point in this franchise where the filmmakers have had to broaden their srift by venturing to other parts of the globe to keep making new movies.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Full () - Watch32

Look out for a star cameo -- it's the only surprise you'll get from this heap. Daniel Booko as Clay's Buddy. Tak Kubota as Yakuza. Tokyo Drift is a guilty pleasure that somehow manages to sustain the franchise. View All The Fast and the Furious: Mikiko Yano as Bo-Peep Girl. Rie Shibata as Math Teacher. When Sean makes the potentially deadly mistake of falling for D. He also creates amazing race sequences.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift () - Photo Gallery - IMDb

The whole reason behind the race is daft anyway, why would a mafia kingpin allow a race to decide who leaves town. Although very well visualized, still lacked a little in unmotivated performances from the stars as well as the flat script.

Nikki Griffin as Cindy. Jason Tobin as Earl.

Thomas as Clay's Buddy. Alden Villaverde as Alden. Lucas Black as Sean Boswell.

His father was in the military so this is why he's based in the land of the rising sun, and because of his bad record and to avoid jail this young lad gets shipped to Japan to live with his dad. May 31, Rating: March 22, Rating: Bow Wow as Twinkie.

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