Asda pet insurance claim form

Text on Monday said claim form had been sent out. And had to go through it all again. Happily I had no claims until this year when unfortunately she passed away last month. I had superior cover for my cocker spaniel for 9 years and sure premiums rise but doesn't everything??? We are both pensioners and finding the cost of insuring our much loved pet crippling.

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I also have another dog and cat insurance with them. As if its not bad enough having to take a poorly Pet to the Vet - you have to 'fight' to get the service you have paid for! My peg happened to put down 5th August on the claim form for reasons best known to himself.

And do hope your cats are well x comment by: He insursnce eating all together and had to have a feeding tube fitted. Y Our cat badly cut her paw. What I have found Mark is that after reading a lot of the reviews of pet insurance companies on this site not just Asda the majority of ratings are poor. Avoid like the plague, we signed as prices looked good. Our cavalier is 8 years old and sadly over the last couple of years has developed firstly epilepsy and fom diabetes.

Finally the numbers on the website don't work, an automated messages suggests that you call another number but how am I supposed to do this whilst am on fodm phone already having call the other number.

Reviews of ASDA pet insurance

The vet dealt with Asda directly and we had to do very little other than contact Asda initially and supply policy number to the vet.

I was moving house at the time so didn't adda the money coming in ineurance 7 months later got a call from the vet saying I had to pay the whole balance as Asda had messed up. All the want is your premiums and never pay out, Leave you waiting for months then tell you your claim unsuccessful for no legitimate reasons. Don't go near them.

Text on Asad said claim form had been sent out. Like other reviews mention, once you've made a claim and you were to change companies you would not be covered for this pre-existing condition.

If my dog was diagnosed with diabetes or heart condition I could understand. Peh now nearly 2 months since my claim was submitted and still no payment - it took them 3 weeks to add to the system. I've been with Insuraance since my cat was a kitten 11 years ago. I am also going to make enquiries about cancelling this policy Comment on this Review Was this review helpful to you?

Definitely foem them again Comment on this Review Was this review helpful to you? We will never use them Again and seriously suggest after paying every month for over 15 years nobody ever uses these insurance sharks!!!!!!!

Thankfully he fully recovered but it was the worst couple of weeks of our lives!

Now June and they say they haven't received it. Having now seen these reviews I wonder what if anything we'll receive and now the dog has another health issue that's going to be interesting!

Every e mail I received started with their condolences. In Feb they were great, emailed claim form, all lovely.

Despite weekly calls to Customer Services am still waiting at the end of January. Compare Quotes from Insurers. Phoned for claim form a week ago. Also on my previous claim they were supposed to pay the moment to the vets but instead paid it to me. Our dog became ill last year with vomiting. Had to go all through questions to be told I will put you through to claims. They deducted a claim for a home visit to our dog even when when pointed clam that insurahce dog couldn't stand up and was therefore unable to get to the Vets.

Y I thought that I had bought lifetime cover and it ran out once we reached the maximum per condition.

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