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September 5, 5: You look at what it caught, sometimes go read up on what that does just due to curiosity, and move on. Two days later it happened again, same site, different virus.

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I have been running it for well over a year now, and fully expect that I will be renewing it for years to come. I copied the log, send the info to the website admin, and a few days later when I went back to check on something, the flash stuff was gone, and there was no more virus.

Anyways, I fully trust Trend Micro. Most of the time, nothing bad happens on a flash site, but every now and then, they will use flash to show ads, and in this case they did that, and the flash ad had a virus attached.

If so, please include it on the list with Bitdefender and McAfee. I already have signed up for this and we have a couple more devices that we can put mcafee on, including my desktop which I custom built. No fears that some part of it is still in your system crawling around doing damage. I only use it on my PC, but it can cover smart phones, tablets, notebooks and all of those things as well. I like a complete package like Trend Micro. Two days later it happened again, same site, different virus.

Bitdefender Internet Security ! Fortunately, Trend Micro logs things like this.

August 24, 8: When something gets in, it tells you. I personally use Trend Micro Maximum Security. It completely protects my system, has aantivirus password manager, and is just rock solid. You look at what it caught, sometimes go read up on what that does just due to curiosity, and move on.

September 5, 5: Awhile back, I went to a web site that was using Flash to show something. August 24, 7: August 24, 9: Chrisg34 September 3, And where would McAfee be on a list from best to worst?

McAfee if you want pc to slowly come to a crawl and miss nasties. Is it also a good antivirus software? Another question, in terms of best antivirus software out there, would Bitdefender be the best? And by the time it tells you that something bad mczfee in, it is already gone.

McAfee Security

You install it, setup a weekly deep scan, and forget about it for a year. Your question Get the answer. Like I said at the top, it will cover any 3 devices. I hate flash because it has so many bugs, but sometimes you go to anrivirus sites only to find out they are flash based still.

How to Install the AT&T Internet Security Suite Powered by McAfee

Also, last question, thanks for bearing with meI bought Eset smart security from the store Micro Center which happened to only sell that antivirus product probably because Micro Center has a deal with Eset and I am planning to return it at ayt point. Almost the same instant the ad popped up, Trend Micro popped up a box saying it antivirux stopped a virus in its tracks. I've spent enough mcafes bouncing from product to product that when I find a anti-virus that does not drag my system to a crawl, and catches the things that inevitably make their way in every now and then, and does it so fast that the nasty thing never even causes any damage at all, that impresses me.

Only machine can truly be unbiased.

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