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This Chuck Davis font set allows you to easily create prismatic-styles without any editing of the font itself. Includes a Fancy version. Inspired by old cigar labels and billheads, Patrick Kalange's latest font features 3 versions, Regular, Fancy, and Shadow. Features ornamental caps on upper and lowercase letters. This hand-lettered script from Chuck Davis , looks especially nice when used in conjunction with bolder letter styles for good contrast.

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This Chuck Davis font set allows you to easily create prismatic-styles without any editing of the font itself. This condensed style from Dave Correll features 4 versions.

The fonts presented on this website are their authors' property, and are either freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain. Yet another circuus creation from the mind of John Studden. Small serifs and notches on the curves give it a distinct personality. Perfect for logos and posters.

Bold Art Deco style featuring variations on the lower case keys and multiple alternate characters. Regular, Inset, and Block Shadow. Titania by Dieter Steffmann. A fine piece of craftsmanship lrnate up nicely within 2 fonts.

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Dave Correll's 2 font set was created to be legible at nearly any size. Many possibilities can be achieved by mixing caps with small caps and altering the sizes. The words created appear organic and hand-lettered. Select Mucha Panel 1 at checkout.

Circus Ornate

A refreshing alternative to the over-used Helvetica styles. You'll find many uses for this highly unusual and creative font.

Ornare Studden's highly unique typeface was inspired by the "Shopfronts" book which showcases various shopfronts and signage throughout England. Sharp 4 font set with stylish curves, from Denise Bayers. Each letter generates a different design. Everything you need to create eye-catching designs with fade effects, shadows, and outlines is included in LHF Scarlet Script from Denise Bayers.

Customers who purchased before May 17th can login to their orhate to download again for free. LHF Woodmere from John Davisis cirucs bold, masculine letter style inspired by old fire trucks from the late 's.

Get them separately or as a set. Set includes 2 fonts, Regular and the "Extras" font which includes designs and swashes. Denise Bayers ' modern spin on a Gothic style.

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Reminiscent of old stock certificates, Tom Kennedy has created a stunning and versatile font that allows for horizontal stretching. LHF Versatile is the long-awaited stacking font set from Charles Borges that stands out with its warm and natural feel. Set includes 4 versions: Select Vintage French Panel at checkout. This medieval inspired font will contain regular, inset, two block shadows and a special distressed version made to look like chipped stone.

The Swashes include 52 unique accents designed to attach to the ends of the Indian Script Letters. A fun to oenate casual style reminiscent of Neuland.

Select Sanborn Panel 1 at checkout. This versatile set from John Studden is inspired by old glass signage.

Extended Western font with 3 different decorative insets and a 2 part shadow effect. Well suited for subcopy that doesn't overpower the main message. Thicker strokes allow for more opportunity within the letters to be creative.

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