Dynasty warriors 2 psp

Emuparadise Advertise on EP! Li Jue Guo Si. Zhang Fei Xing Cai. Sometimes the mission can be to defeat the bandit leader. Zhou Yu Xiao Qiao.

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Cao Pi Sima Yi.

Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2

Cao Cao Cao Pi. Also, the few combo moves that the game offers are exceedingly easy to pull off and extremely repetitive.

Zhuge Liang Lu Xun.

Each stage usually has two winning conditions, each of which will lead to another possible battle stage. Even though most players have been here and done this, Dynasty Warriors Vol.

It's better than the first PSP game, no doubt, but it still has a long way to go before it feels at home on Sony's little wonderportable. Game modes include Musou, Warroirs and Free mode, plus a Camp mode where players can view detailed information on weapons, officers and stages.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The player can only have between 1 and 4 officers in battle at the same time, depending on the rank of the officers. For the first time, up to 4 players can engage in multiplayer combat including a Battle Warriprs mode. Village Missions on the other hand involve defeating a certain number of bandits or defending villagers or dynasry in a minute. If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here.

Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 - Wikipedia

The frame rate does at least hold pretty steady, despite instances where some areas get particularly thick with bad guys. Zhang Song Fa Zheng. Using a turn-based structure, you simply move from square to square, engaging in battles each time you come into contact with the enemy.

James rates this game: The game also gives players a full view of the battlefield action using the PSP system's wide-screen display. As was the case in Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors: State of War did, DW Vol.

Dian Wei Xu Zhu. It's free, easy and feels damn good!

Liu Bei Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang Yue Ying. Zhao Yun Huang Zhong. Liu Bei Sun Shang Xiang. Sun Jian Huang Gai.

Lu Bu Zhang Liao. We can I like it. There are also sudden-death and time-attack modes, where your goals are to simply kill as many enemy officers as possible and race your opponent to a set goal, respectively.

GameSpot Dynasty Warriors Vol. Generally favorable reviews - based on 9 Ratings.

Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 Review

November 17, AU: The graphics look pretty comparable to the console games, which is to say that the environments are fairly bland and ugly, but the main playable warriors are at least colorfully dressed and nicely detailed. The issues with the fog of war, however, are just as bad as they were in Dynasty Warriors. There's no voice acting in the game, and the soundtrack is the same rock guitar-heavy soundtrack that Koei has been recycling for years now--along with the same grunts and screams of enemy soldiers that make up the bulk of the sound effects.

Like the previous Dynasty Warriors PSP title, the game features unique characters from the Samurai Warriors series as special bodyguards.

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