Battlefield 2142 map editor

Search this forum only? High quality first person hands model render already rigged and integrated into modification. View sgtsev3n's IP Address.

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Perhaps even custom operations could be created.

You can manually choose the distance when it should go off. Community developers have talent in spares. The time now is Plus monetary incentive to create DLCs and sell them to the end user. I cant even imagine how community maps would look with maps as large as battlefield ones.


How would distribution of this maps happen? It had terrain formation, necessary assets, all of it. What if someone makes a even better map?

I converted a lot of maps, but not all were worthwhile releasing. Download The Level Editor.

I wouldn't mind having a few static walkers around myself I'm interested in modding as well - I even have a scout waiting for me there as far as the titans, I haven't had any problems with editor loading them.

A glimpse into the blue; it becomes dark but still bright, colours sparkle but they remain black, in the end there's only blue.

Help to Implement custom weapons! So to mod Battlefieldyou'll only need the editor for Battlefield 2. Access to test version releases Sneak peek photos of upcoming releases! Log in or sign up in seconds. Vehicles with more eidtor 26 geometry parts can't be loaded in editor.

Oct 17 Now that EA has abandoned the games, it's no big deal. No spam, especially youtube spam. If we get map editor then Dice has no reason to sell DLC which is planned way ahead of us eeitor.

Detailed explanation how to edit kits, add custom weapons to "Project Remaster" based weapons system. Installing the editor without bf2 installed. Yeah, really not seeing this. Patreon U Creator Coaching.

Sgt_Prof is creating Battlefield mods, art, level design | Patreon

Want to add to the discussion? I am sorry man but, your logic is flawed.

They won't because it goes against the whole business plan of pushing out a sequel every year or two. Submit a baattlefield text post.

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Oct 19 Can't give you a link sorry. Level Editor Search In.

Plus this amount of money will be great help for mod development. No "Can i run [game] posts.

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