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He then adjusts the metal splints on my arms and the braces around my chest and checks all the bandages encircling large portions of my body like a half-wrapped mummy. What are you talking about? As I allow all this to sink in, I respond to it in the only way I know how. I can't simply fall away. She's one of my favorite female characters, so I thought I'd pay homage.

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A wound is always easier to tear open a second time, cut even deeper before. The pieces, slipping away, all of them, all of him. For any new people who were just curious and clicked on this: I had way too much chocolate and watched way too much One Piece that show is taking over my life, please send help! I press my bleeding hand to my mouth as I cry louder.

R I feel Allen's soft skin and trail my fingers through his silky white hair, inhaling his scent. My eyes flutter close as exhaustion claims me, dragging down into the vast depths of unconsciousness almost instantaneously.

The bond we'd shared would never waver, not even in death.

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It's been physically removed from your chest, and yet somehow you continue to breathe and exist in this world. Your body is incredibly run down, and all this exertion didn't necessarily help your situation.

I'm shrieking and yelling as I smash my head against the ground. There's a crack and a splinter and a burning in my brow as hot Blood dribbles from my hair line, mixing with the tears. Why am I still alive? The Asia Branch Breathing They mimic my own. I hadn't finalized anything, but I didn't have the time.

They burn like grah, like poison in my veins. I had to remain unwavering, steadfast, never stop no matter mann happened.

My arm is bare, and it's wrapped in so many layers of gauze, it looks like a woven mitten. Oh God, I'm so, so sorry. Everything has been taken from me, ripped away and left me practically a husk.

Air suddenly floods my lungs and it jerks me awake. My Innocence…is isn't destroyed. The halls beyond are deserted, and the halls beyond that and the halls beyond that. I jan in surprise, turning back towards the girl called Fo. They are drafty and full of shadows, shadows that seem to shift and move in odd places and ways, like they are truly shades from the long past, from the world beyond.

A shriek tears through my chest, seemingly ripping me in half with all of the painful exertion it even takes to breathe.

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That's what's keeping you alive; although, I suppose "alive" is a bit of a stretch. It sends shocks throughout my entire body, shaking, seizing it. He holds out his direvt, "Let's go. He wraps his own arm around me, trailing what he can of my hair through the bandages. It's rather intense with her dark eyes and large glasses and I almost recoil under her gaze.

The rage flares like a spark erupting to a flame. I hit the door one last tiem, the pain is nearly unbearable, the broken bone splintering in my very grasp. Rather that letting his death be in vain, take him with you when you go on.

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