Dos 6.22 setup disks

Great page, glad to see such a current maintained website in relation to MS-DOS, and as I can see from the navigation menu on the left, much more. Noah Tyson posted on May 15, You should hear some of the comments I get when I go into the local coffee shop to use the wifi internet with it.

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The Legacy PC Project - MS-DOS & Windows For Workgroups

Noah kirsle posted on October 18, How do I get colors? Thousands of users waiting to help!

I want to install me-dos 6. Vic posted on March 18, If you respond, you will calm my nerves lol. The comments on that blog post are shared to this page as well so comments on either page show up in both places.

Noah kirsle posted on May 24, We are looking for users and 10 developers to startfrom all over the world who want to use DOS and if we find them, it will be back updated and free, of course. Noah kirsle posted on March 16, Reset Post Submit Post. The extract gives me 3.

I really wanted to give the points away too. I have been looking for windows 3. Mousy posted on September 24, Rohit posted on March 2, I would very much appreciate it so m if someone could please tell me step by step how I can install this using the links on this web page?

This is a very useful site, I had installed DOS on an old and Penll, both have crashed and now been recycled. I remember this back in Ok, just did some more searching and found I think dks file I used for this from Yamaha's site:.

[Solved] how can i do a full install with ms-dos upgrade version

Not being nostalgic but have a use for this laptop. I have P1 system and have installed windows 3. What are the specs on the Windows 7 machine? Visks posted on January 15, I will try it out.

This version came on three diskettes, and included a setup program that can install it on a hard drive.

DRV on my harddisk. Jayne posted on December 12, Notify me of future comments on this page.

Lordmoggy posted on September 28, Tagadada posted on July 20, For example, Setup will ask for Disk 2, and you stick it in, and then later it will ask for Disk 2 again, at which point you actually need to stick in Disk 3, because for whatever reason some files that are supposed to be on Disk 2 are on Disk 3 instead.

Anonymous posted on February 15, Even Internet access prices are crazy too. Hi Kirsle, Thanks for your reply. Just to remember how far the computer world has come in a very short time.

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